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Here are a few pictures of my 1979 Hurst/Olds.

The picture to the left is after I got the Hurst home and situated in the backyard. The picture to the right was taken on the trip back from Texas, where I bought it. We got a flat on the left rear at 3:30AM and had to drive 125 miles on the donut tire to get to a WalMart that sold tires. So the picture is us sitting at WalMart getting a tire at 8:00AM on Sunday.

Here is what the Hurst looks like now as it sits. To the right it is ready for the body to be lifted off the severly bent frame. To the left Is a sample of how badly the frame is bent. If you look closely at the picture you can see that the frame bent at the ends where the bumper shock mounts and at the hole for the radiator support bushing/bolt. I'll have more pics of the bent frame when I get it out from underneath the body.

The K-member is bent so badly the engine actually sits lower in it's cradle and the crank pulleys have been rubbing a groove in the top of the torsion bar. I had to loosen the bolts and let it down a bit to clear the pulleys when I put the 260cid engine in it.