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    • Block: 1970 W33 455cid Casting #396021F w/stud boss, bored .030 over, Magnafluxed

    • Crank: stock, polished, cut .010 under on main and rod journals. Casting #397363

    • Rods: stock, 6.735", resized, deburred

    • Bearings:

      • Mains: Cleavite 77

      • Rods:Cleavite 77

    • Pistons: TRW BBC 396 L2328F 11.5-1 compression

    • Camshaft: Mondello-Engle MP 28-29; Duration Adv. Int 292, Exh 302; @ .050, Int 258, Exh 264; Lift Int 562, Exh .562; Lobe sep 110. Mechanical, Dialed In, Cam button(Mondello)

    • Timing Chain: Cloyes True Roller

    • Water Pump: Mondello Aluminum P/N AP 404

    • Harmonic Balancer: Fluidampr, externally balanced

    • Flywheel: Mondello P/N Ol 1200-FP, SFI approved, 166 teeth

    • Heads:

      • Type:Mondello Cryogenically Frozen Edelbrock, stock form

      • Valve Train:

        • Valves: Stock, int. 2.070-30deg, exh.1.625-45deg

        • Rocker Arms: Harland-Sharp, 1.6 ratio

        • Push Rods: Stock length

        • Lifters: Crane Cam, Mechanical

        • Stud Girdle: Lomar, Aluminum


    • Distributor: MSD Billet

    • Coil: MSD Blaster 2 Coil

    • Module: MSD 6AL Ignition W/ 6300rpm rev. limit module

    • Spark Plugs: NGK R-5670-6

    • Spark Plug Wires: MSD 8mm Racing Wires

  • Transmission:

    • TH-350, B&M Shift Kit, Dacco-Detroit rebuild kit(atleast 5 steel and clutch plates per pack), Stock Valve Body w/ modified valve body plate

    • TPI Trans Parts Inc. (local shop) 3200RPM Stall converter

    • B&M Transmission Cooler

  • Rear Axle:

    • Stock Type, '87 442 8.5" 10 Bolt Limited Slip w/ 3.73 gear ratio, Moser Engineering axles w/C-clip elimnators

      Here are the pictures of my new engine. I have a few more things to get for it like valve covers and carburetor.

      Now those are FLAT TOP pistons!

      Notice the straps on the main caps. The Port-O-Sonic Intake. Need I say more?

      The long boxes behind the block have the Edelbrock heads in them.

      Here it is, all together.

      The engine builder had a few problems with the pushrods. He kept getting ones that were to short. Finally got ones that were .200 longer than stock and they had to to be hand fit!

      The heads hang over the front and rear of the block, but are just as long as the stock heads from front/rear bracket bolt mounts.