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1978-1980 Hurst/Olds, Calais Vehicle Identification

1980 I.D. Numbers

Cutlass Calais, Hurst/OLDS Options

Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.)

80 VIN

Commonly refered to as the 'VIN Number', this series of numbers and letters is stamped on a
plate that is mounted on top of the dash on the driver side and visible through the windshield.

THE FIRST DIGIT: Identifies the division of General Motors. (3 = Oldsmobile)

THE SECOND DIGIT: Identifies the series.

Cutlass Calais K

THE THIRD AND FOURTH DIGITS: Identifies the body type.

2-Door Coupe 47

THE FIFTH DIGIT: Identifies the engine type.

260cid, 2-BC, 8 cyl. F
305cid, 2-BC, 8 cyl. U
305cid, 4-BC, 8 cyl. H
350cid, 4-BC, 8 cyl. (H/O only) R

THE SIXTH DIGIT: Identifies the model year. (A = 1980)

THE SEVENTH DIGIT: Identifies the assembly plant.

Doraville, GA. D
Framington, MA. G
Lansing, MI. M
Arlington, TX. R
St. Theresa, Quebec, Canada. 2

THE LAST SIX DIGITS: Represent the basic production numbers. Starting number 100001 and up.

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